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Gloves & Damage Types

Damages are broken down into physical and elemental.

Glove damages

Your gloves determine your damage type. Basic gloves do physical damage while our more rare special gloves do elemental damage. But don't worry if you don't get elemental damage gloves as you NFT can roll a skill to reduce elemental damage. More on that in the Passive Abilities section.

Physical vs Elemental Damages

Physical damage in general does more damage up front but less damage vs Elemental if you take into consideration the DoT (Damage over Time). Bloody and Honey gloves do regular physical damage however they add a small utility.

Elemental damages do less damage initially but more if you calculate their DoT.

PreviewNameDamage TypeEffect

Rotten Stench Gloves

Elemental (Poison)

Deals poison damage over time

Magma Gloves

Elemental (Fire)

Deals burn damage over time

Frozen Heart Gloves

Elemental (Ice)

Has a chance to freeze enemies for a short period

Shock Therapy Gloves

Elemental (Lightning)

Has a chance to stun enemies

Bloody Hell Gloves


Bleed damage over time

Honey Badger Gloves


Slows enemy in honey

Regular Gloves


Burst damage, but less than overall DoT damages

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