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About Us

One founder to the rule them all!

Boxing Badger was founded by, well, me k:BoxingBadger.

Founder Experience

  • 20 years coding experience in web2 development

  • Founded and learned from multiple startups

  • 7 years experience in various management roles from Product Management to Chief Operations Officer

  • Have created many teams to build successful products for clients

  • Experience architecting and building scalable systems

  • End-to-end product experience from inception to customer retention

  • Passionate and invested in the crypto industry since 2011

  • Fell in love with Kadena in 2018 and have been following them since

I learn, adapt and build. I believe it's important to really understand the underlying technology for any work you contract out so you can truly "own" it, modify it and make sure it is made well.

Contracted Team


  • NFT Artist and Illustrator

In the pipeline

  • 2D Animator

    • We are currently trying out various animators, however we will not settle until we find the right fit.

  • GODOT Consultant

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