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PvP Seasons

Fight for seasonal competitions!

We are excited to announce that we will be introducing Player versus Player (PvP) leaderboards, which will allow you to compete against other players for the top spot. It's important to note that these leaderboards will reset at the start of every new season, so each season will offer a fresh chance to climb the ranks and prove yourself as the ultimate PvP champion.

Persistent Leaderboards

We are committed to recognizing players who not only perform well during individual seasons, but also consistently excel over time. To achieve this, we will implement persistent leaderboards that offer a unique historical perspective on PvP battles through the ages.

Unlike seasonal leaderboards, persistent leaderboards ensure that your hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed. By constantly battling to maintain your position, you'll have the chance to establish a lasting legacy and engrave your name in the annals of gaming history. So why wait? Join the ranks of elite players who have proven their mettle time and time again and embark on a journey towards lasting glory!

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